Sixth Year Thesis Project

Icarus - Maximising Sunlight

Working with the Far East Consortium and the Manchester City Council, this project looks at their proposal for 15,000 new dwellings in the Northern Gateway development, and offers them insight into a particular un-explored aspect. This project aimed to understand the tensions between the desired density targets and the quality of life for the future occupants in regards to right to light. While developing the concepts of the project, a series of tools and tests were developed alongside a growing list of design parameters to further the goal of maximising sunlight. First a generic set of typologies were tested for their suitability and a subset chosen to develop further. In this case it was perimeter blocks for their significant editable components. Then the proposed urban plan was interrogated to understand the true required density of the buildable plots, which increased for 70 units per hectare to 142 due to roads, green space and rivers consuming parcels. From this, countless configurations of urban blocks were tested for their sunlight hours within each unit as well as their surrounding context. Each block also had to meet the total unit density matching that required by their plot area calculation. The final output alongside the list of parameters to design by; were nine sunlight maximised, density target meeting perimeter block typologies at varying scales that could be deployed throughout the Northern Gateway site. Currently the work is being continued to further develop the tool / parameters / designs to include a wider scope of typologies, with aims to develop an all-in-one functional tool. Tool developed in Grasshopper. 


Makerspace - 2050 Design Factory

This project centred around a re-use brief, and a future extrapolation of the site / context. We were tasked with producing a maker-space in response to this future extrapolation, while creating adaptable & kinetic elements within the structure itself. Our design looked at independent robotics workshops, in a future where machines have begun to carry out all manner of tasks previously held by humans. Not all of these robots exist yet, so a maker-space where designers / developers etc can collaborate in an adaptive environment is created. The key features are the origami influenced roof structure over the AR development spaces which sit on pivoting columns to increase or decrease the sunlight within each unit as necessary when utilising AR & VR. The building was modelled in Revit, the columns tested with mass in Maya, and the roof structure functional in grasshopper. 


The Journey of an Architecture Student - Selected Excerpts From A Student's Journal in The Fantasy World of Architecture

This short story follows the journey of an architecture student within the fantasy world of architecture: an extrapolation of the real tasks and experiences of a real world student on their way to becoming a registered architect, but with fantasy elements incorporated as metaphors for their real world counterparts.